LiveDirect 2XW is a high-performance, portable, fast C++ and ASP.NET based web application framework (and related administration and tools).

The platform delivers on-demand, Web-based remote video surveillance and sensor management provided in a monthly subscription service model.

  Designed with a high level of reliability and availability, the LiveDirect platform architecture was developed to eliminate single points of system failure common to most DVRs. Surveillance video and sensor data is stored in a digital format on a centrally managed data centre file server where it can be viewed anytime, anywhere, on your network or over the internet.



LiveDirect provides real-time business premise surveillance including viewing, archival and management of deployed security cameras and devices within your company and automates the archival and retrieval of your security data processes across your entire business.


What is referred to as "Web services"?

A Web service is a way of integrating Web-based applications using XML and other standards. Web services allow different applications from different sources to communicate with each other without time-consuming custom coding.

What does "SaaS" mean?

Conceived in the late 1990s, Software as a Service is a term used to describe how companies were enabled to buy software services much like they buy electricity or water, paying for it in monthly installments per user or device rather than purchasing costly up-front license fees and hardware. The Software as a Service concept is also variously referred to as utility or hosted computing.

How does the LiveDirect platform work?

The LiveDirect platform was developed as a secure centrally hosted video monitoring application for use over the Web. All application functionality for viewing, management and playback of archived video and sensor data is delivered through a standard Web browser interface. Unlike a software solution that is purchased to run locally on your PC or server, the LiveDirect model requires no annual license, maintenance or support fees and enables all system updates, maintenance, device status and extended modules to be available to our customers on a cost effective monthly subscription basis.



LiveMobile News!

LiveDirect Project goes live

 TORONTO, ON - June 27, 2005 - LiveMobile, a technology leader in Network Surveillance Systems, today announced that it has launched LiveDirect, the pilot project for over the internet site monitoring!

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