Who can use from LiveDirect?

The simplicity and affordability that LiveMobile has created in LiveDirect enables any small business to take advantage of the Internet and new networked device technologies to SECURELY monitor their business and its operations from anywhere at anytime.

How does LiveDirect enhance my business security?

As a business owner, you have likely experienced occasions where an alarm call from your security company has disrupted your family or leisure time only to turn out to be a false alarm. With LiveDirect, your eyes see what your security cameras see - you are able to visually verify whether an alarm is real or not, allowing you to make more informed decisions on alarm response. It also acts as a window into your overall business environment by providing on-demand remote access to your security cameras to monitor your operations and events when you can't be there. As a business monitoring service it is a complimentary visual extension to your existing security alarm monitoring service.

How can my business benefit from your technology?

  • Cost: minimum upfront investment and cost effective monthly subscription service enables you to preserve your capital for core business activities. All standard upgrades, support and maintenance is included within your monthly fee.
  • Time: less time spent managing and maintaining another piece of hardware enables you to spend more time on running your business.
  • Less headaches: you have enough to worry about growing and managing your business without wondering whether your hardware systems or network are up and working properly. LiveDirect simplifies and manages all installed devices for you - we can even diagnose potential problems before they occur! All remotely!

How does LiveDirect differ from traditional video security technologies?

LiveMobile created LiveDirect to remove the risk to business owners of a single point of failure in your security environment that hardware surveillance solutions present. Installed locally, dedicated hardware multiplexers, VCRs and DVRs can be prone to theft, tampering, and environmental damage relating to water, fire, humidity, and system disk or storage failure. LiveDirect mitigates these circumstances by removing all viewing, management and data archive functions to a centrally hosted data centre. If, for any reason we lose connection to one of your cameras or sensor devices, you are immediately notified so that action can be taken.

Is it a security system?

LiveDirect is NOT a security system - no alarms come with the system and alarm signals will not be sent to a monitoring call centre to alert fire or police services. LiveDirect can enhance the monitoring of your existing alarm system.
LiveDirect is a video monitoring service which allows for users to securely view their premise and make informed security decisions. As we move forward, we will be working through our strategic partners to offer a full level of dedicated security alarm support to our customers.

If I am already using analog cameras, can I use your LiveDirect?

Transitioning your existing analog camera investment to LiveDirect is simple and straightforward. Our partners will install a video server that takes the analog video from your CCTV cameras and converts it into a digital signal for delivery over the Internet to your account on our servers at an externally hosted data centre.

Does your software require extensive training to use?

No, not at all. In fact, it is quite easy. LiveDirect was designed in an intuitive manner to enable you to get to your video and sensor data in the fastest way possible. Your LiveDirect portal is setup in a tabbed order for Live, Archive, and Setup configuration. System controls are all based on icons and drop down menus for increased ease of use.

How fast is your software, especially over the Web?

Depending on your connection and the number of users accessing your cameras, you can anticipate approximately 1 to 4 frames per second (fps) in both Live and Archive view playback.

How much do your products cost?

LiveMobile can offer you directly or through it's business partners and distributors solutions that can fit your budget.

How secure is the LiveDirect service?

At LiveMobile we take your security very seriously. There are three levels of security inherent in the LiveDirect business monitoring service:

  • Privacy of your user information is enabled through the LiveDirect web portal system with encrypted with standard 128-bit encryption.
  • A hardware router and firewall are installed on your network for the secure operation of your end of the LiveDirect service.
  • The LiveDirect portal is hosted on servers at a secure data centre partner facility.

LiveMobile News!

LiveDirect Project goes live

 TORONTO, ON - June 27, 2005 - LiveMobile, a technology leader in Network Surveillance Systems, today announced that it has launched LiveDirect, the pilot project for over the internet site monitoring!

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