LiveMobile Software Inc. offers global access to your business through smarter, secure environments, desktop or wireless based.

  LiveDirect 2XW, our flagship and core technology platform, is a fully managed video and sensor surveillance solution that enables secure and reliable Internet-based remote video monitoring.

The platform meets the security challenges of businesses of any size, with simplicity, accessibility, and manageability.

  Software as a Service
Implemented and architected using SaaS model, LiveDirect is a completely managed video monitoring platform. No dedicated hardware for you to manage or administrate. We work with you to determine your bandwidth and network requirements for video monitoring, and where appropriate, we can advise you on our extended services and partner solutions that best fit where you want to go within your budget.

  LiveDirect 2XW - Enterprise Edition delivers dynamic, interactive frame based video content across the networked exterprise to individual control workstations, at any size, on any desktop or wireless mobile device, from a single source.

LiveMobile provides true network video solutions that are:

  • Based on open standards and work with proven, industry-standard equipment
  • Fully scalable and compatible with your existing infrastructure
  • Reliable and future-proof


LiveMobile News!

LiveDirect Project goes live

 TORONTO, ON - June 27, 2005 - LiveMobile, a developer of Video Network (Surveillance) Systems, today announced that it has launched LiveDirect, the pilot project for over the internet site monitoring!

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